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Public sector Solutions

the problem


Get an independent review of the assets deposited at your recycling facilities

MobiCycle Consulting can trace the assets, ensure data on devices was secured in an appropriate manner and audit documents provided as proof of legal compliance

worried about budget cuts?

Reduce costs and improve productivity and efficiency.

The material value of ewaste (globally) amounts to $62.5 billion usd. Replace outdated legacy applications and hardware with cloud based applications and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to reclaim valuable assets.

missed ewaste recycling targets?

Are you ready?

The annual GDP of any one of 120 countries is lower than the value of global e-waste. The Ewaste Coalition, which includes UNEP, ITU and ILO, recently set a target to increase the global e-waste recycling rate to 30%.

the solutions

stop commingled waste

MobiBins smart ewaste containers confirm electronic deposits

leverage Next generation tech

Connect things to people. 5G & LPWAN deliver more data, reliably, for faster interaction

change consumer behaviour

Disruptive marketing campaigns engage users in novel ways